//Google Honors: First Woman Scientist

Google Honors: First Woman Scientist

First woman selected for Science Council of Japan:

Born on this day in 1920,was a renowned Japanese geochemist who spent her career advocating for female scientists.

Today’s Google doodle honors Katsuko Saruhashi on what would have been the geochemist’s 98th birthday.

Saruhashi was notable in her field of geochemistry and spent much of her career pushing for the advancement of female scientists.

“She was deeply invested to inspiring young women to study science, and built the Saruhashi Prize in 1981, recognizing female scientists for distinguished study in natural sciences,” addresses Google Doodle on its Google Doodle Blog.

According to Google, Saruhashi was the first lady to earn a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Tokyo; the first woman f’ to the Science Council of Japan, and the first woman acknowledged with the Miyake Prize for geochemistry.

Google says she was also the leading scientist to correctly measure the consumption of carbonic acid in h2O, and her work led to the “Saruhashi’s Table” methodology which is now used by oceanographers globally. Her study on the impact of radioactive fallout on the world’s oceans resulted in constraints around oceanic nuclear experiments.

The doodle points to a search for “Katsuko Saruhashi” and is posted on Google’s US and Japan home pages, along with a whole of its other international pages.

Google also included the following quote from Saruhashi in its blog post about the geochemist, an idea that still needs amplification today: “There are several females who can become great scientists. I would like to see the day when women can contribute to science & technology on an equal footing with men.”

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