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Organic SEO is the best option to get your site to the top of search engines. If you are similar to most people, you probably skip the ads when you search Google and visit the first few websites. Anyone at the bottom of the page usually doesn’t get a visit. Anyone on the second page of google might as well be dead since that’s where the rest of the bodies are. Our methods are pretty frickin sweet and work for any industry (except the illegal ones like Shark Fighting).

Most SEO companies suck. We get it, most SEO guys who are our rivals take your cash and run or take your cash and then sweet talk you like your daughter’s boyfriend. You hear the right words, but you feel gross and enraged at the same time. We take the anxiety away by targeting keywords we can rank you for. If we can’t, we won’t let you sign up. Sorry, but we are realists.

We also send you monthly reports in the mail with some extra goodies. So each month you get a package from us that describes what we did and how it helped you. (Those living in the artic might have to just skype with us). Just for the joy of it, here is a list of everything you get in even our smallest SEO plan.

  • Targeted Keywords
  • High-Level Links
  • Backup Links Pointing to High-Level Links
  • Low Level Links Pointing to High-Level Links
  • Private Network Links Pointing to Lower Level Links
  • Bookmarks
  • Monthly Emailed Report