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13 Mind-Blowing Things Changing Face Of Scottsdale Search Engine Optimization

In the virtual world, no one is as active and nimble as are the social media companies. Since the advent of the internet and search engines, it is the services of the SEO that are most highly prized.

In absence of which, no sane individual or business could be able to find enough traffic and success online.

Some business depends solely on traffic generated by search engines. And as more and more brick and mortar companies take to the virtual world, it becomes all the more clear that the space of Search engine optimization will see intense competition as never seen.

If the competition on the SEO scene is on the rise on one hand, on the other the way people search for information online is also undergoing a gradual change. And when searches happen in the sphere of social media, the momentum of change is accelerated.

So, what we are seeing is a massive shift in the way SEO is conducted but how competition between various entities is the shaping and transforming the hitherto strategies of search engine companies.

In the years to come we will see the following transition in search engine optimization: –

1. User Experience Becomes Even More Relevant

Content has always been of paramount importance when it came to searching engine optimization. However, the way it is done will undergo a subtle change.

No longer will a search engine be obsessed with just keywords — though it will continue to play a key role in the near distant future.

But also user engagements such as how appealing is the content based on the number of time spend on a website and the communication within it.

Due to this, SEO’s have to creative as well as technical to gauge the appropriate content needed to bring in the relevant user experience and social signals on a website.

Thus, they cannot act on isolation from the content developers and would need to don two hats for their role — technical as well as creative.

Also, search engines will rank high a website with the highest bidder, rather website which has great user experience along with bidding will be awarded a high rank. Therefore, we will see paid traffic operating more like organic traffic.

2. Speedier Mobile Pages

It is estimated that more than 58% of the searches now happen on mobile devices. Thus, search engines are giving as much priority to mobile searches as desktop searches.

This can be discerned from the fact that there are now two indexes for searches — one for mobile and one for desktops.

Scottsdale SEO company experts will help people understand the difference between SEO on desktop and SEO on mobile devices.

Owing to this, speedier mobile pages have also become a key SEO metric. Websites which take more than 3 seconds to download will lose traffic and hence websites of the future not have to be only mobile responsive but also fast enough to load.

3. Artificial Intelligence will control a major part of Search Results

This one move by many search engines, of delegating a major part of SEO to artificial intelligence has rattled many feathers in the SEO community.

Though one may eventually get to ascertain the requirements of artificial intelligence by search engines, it will take time to master.

As machines become more proficient in analyzing search patterns and personalize search, it will be useful, as always has been, to begin with creating fitting content for the audience.

With the help of a renowned service provider – like a Scottsdale SEO company, the complex world of artificial intelligence can be best understood.

Though it will take time for search results and ranking to be completely monitored and decided by AI algorithms, it will nevertheless happen sooner than later.

4. Social Media websites have overtaken search engines as the lead source of website referral traffic

Earlier websites used to attract traffic from search engines, even now they do, but now social media sides have overtaken search engines as the source of website referral traffic.

This has put all the power and information in the hands of social media websites as they do not give out information on keywords and other metrics such as bounce rate and click through rate and so on.

This is due to the fact that as people spend more time on social media, they would want to know what their friends are and peers do online — a data unavailable with search engines.

This creates a lot of referral traffic on account of shared pages and a ‘liked’ links. In such a challenging scenario for search engines, advanced SEO players, such as a Scottsdale SEO company, will give you the much-needed leg-up.

5. People spend more time in applications

As per research, it is estimated that 84% of the time is spent by people in applications. And more than 70% of website referral traffic now comes from private messaging, private chats, emails etc.

Thus, there is no way to determine from where specifically does this referral traffic come.

Though people won’t be using apps, at least in the short term for important searches, the app stores nevertheless offer some information regarding the same.

In the future, thanks to cloud computing, you would not have to even download an app to search for information; you can search for it on the cloud itself.

6. Bot ecosystem within Apps

The world of virtual engagement is such that websites would want to have you stay on your websites for as long as possible. This makes a page rank naturally higher on social media.

As with some social media sites, we will come to see a phenomena wherein social media websites would have in-built bots for you to stay within their ‘environment’, so things such as book a taxi, shopping for furniture, searching for news, getting groceries delivered home, make banking transactions, play games etc.

Such things have already started happening with third-party apps on social media, but this will be more pronounced in the near future as social media websites will actively develop ‘internal websites’ for a broad-based user experience.

7. Fuzzy boundaries between social media and search engines

The keyword search mechanism, which used to be done by having the keyword tracker tool might not give that an accurate a picture on account of collaboration between micro-blogging sites and search engines.

This is a new development wherein it is not just the search on a search engine but even micro-blogging websites are taken into consideration.

So a future SEO service provider, like a Scottsdale SEO company, would require searching top and relevant content, data and information in the micro-blogging website to ensure that they use the right keywords to rank their clients’ website.

Thus, we can see in top search results of a search engine, trending news or messages from microblogging sites. This will rise in the future as major search engines compete directly with social media websites creating camps among major websites.

8. Merging of Search Engines and Social Media sites by third-party tools

When major players in an industry compete, it is the smaller players that stand to gain.

This has been happening with websites competing for traffic and user engagement. Though these giants won’t compete directly, it is the third-party software and application developers that would connect them by collating relevant information from both.

To know how search engines and social media sites interact, and how to get the most out of it, one should get in touch with an expert service provider like a Scottsdale SEO company.

This will give more personalized results to an audience and this will also, in a small way, offer competition to search engines.

SEO will also need to scout information from such websites to get a correct picture of what people are actually searching for and want; as only search engine provided data won’t prove to be sufficient.

9. Social media sites will continue to show full content on their platform

In the past few years, there has been a trend wherein a person does not need to go to a particular website to view the content available there.

This calls for having websites open and operate a local website on the social media platform.

This is a win-win situation for the social media website, as people stay longer in its platform and on the other hand, the websites gain from the already burgeoning traffic available on social media website on its local page within that social media’s platform.

Thus, search results are once again restricted from coming out in the public domain. SEOs then would need to track with equal fervor and zeal what people are searching and where people are engaging on social media platforms.

Who knows, in the future, we may have SEOs available for ranking within a social media search list, with data tracked by third-party tools and software.

Getting in touch with a service provider with an excellent track record — like a Scottsdale SEO company — would be a good way to start with.

10. Semantics will increase in importance compared to keywords

The meaning of a word and how it is said will have relevance, on account of virtual assistants listening to our voice and intonation.

Search engine optimization is all about keywords, and this will remain for quite some time. However, even semantics — how a word is said by someone or who says the word.

Will also be of increasing importance as people use virtual assistants connected to search engines or shopping websites gather data and buying histories of people and their family members.

Thus if a person orders for his favorite pizza, the search will yield different results,– based past buying patterns, suggestions and preferences etc– .for every person, thus, the keyword here becomes of less importance compared to personalized search results.

Therefore, the SEO of the future, like a Scottsdale SEO company, will have to take into account the voice component of a search engine.

The problem is, how one will get this kind of data for personalized marketing through voice assistant.

Will it be the third-party tools that will come to the aid? This needs to be seen.

11. Backlinks Are Still Important

The heydays of creating irrelevant backlinks to rank high on a search engine seem to be replaced with links placed in the relevant content.

Some gurus argue that backlinks are a thing of the past and won’t be of great importance. This is not true. A typical article on a website ranked high on a search engine, has at least 3-10 relevant links.

But a person reading that article may not click on all the links, only one or a few. If many people continue to do so, it gives the signal to the search engine that the website contains important and interesting content and thus, it ranks such a website higher.

Thus, only relevant backlinks will matter. Gone are the days when underhanded SEO techniques ruled the roost and engulfed the websites and search engines with irrelevant backlinks and content.

To prevent your website from being penalized by search engines, seeking advice from a reliable and experienced player, like a Scottsdale SEO company, would prove to be very beneficial.

12. Video And Image Keyword Search

As videos become one the most watched and widely shared content online, and its number increasing, companies and individuals will increasingly invest in creating better videos and images to differentiate from the already crowded content marketing space.

For this, the appropriate keywords for image or and video optimization for desktops and mobile devices will increasingly come in the domain of a search engine optimizer.

As many search engines have a tab for videos as well as images, to circumvent competition, marketers will increasingly take this route to yield better marketing return on investment.

Many SEO marketers have not utilized the area of video and image optimization for their websites and with the help of a good SEO service provider like a Scottsdale SEO company, you could get at the top of your game.

13. Future SEO Professionals Need to Be More Vigilant

Without proper people manning the SEO, the industry would not be half as efficient. Thanks to the ever-changing and the destructive nature of search engine optimization, professionals in the future have to be very nimble footed and observant if they are to stay pertinent in the market.

Thus, the new age SEO professional will have to master the artificial intelligence algorithms, research for third party tool integrating the information of social media sites and other microblogging sites.

They focus on user experience, as that is the base for all search engine rankings and hone their creative side to determine what users really want.

The field of SEO will continue to be even more competitive, and to elbow out competition, aligning with a digital marketing consultant, like a Scottsdale SEO company, would prove fruitful in the long run.

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